Personal Growth

The Relationship Between Childhood Obesity

More and more focus is being placed on the welfare of our children. Everyday doctors diagnose children with obesity. The stigma that comes along with being identified as “obese” can severely affect the psychological state of these children. It is well known… CLICK HERE 


A Healthy Dose of Optimism

Take a close look at that glass of water. Half empty? Half full? What you see could make a difference, not only in your daily health, but in how long you live. In one study, for example, researchers tracked… CLICK HERE


Anger: Don’t Put a Lid on It

Anger is a natural emotion. But when anger is mismanaged or hidden, it can affect your health, career, and relationships. If you find yourself struggling with anger issues, learn about strategies to help you deal with your… CLICK HERE


 Are You Highly Sensitive?

According to psychologist Elaine Aron, PhD, approximately 15%-20% of the American population could be categorized as highly sensitive—that is, they are affected by and react stronger than most people to various… CLICK HERE


 Becoming Mentally Healthy: A Guide for Older Adults

What does it mean to be mentally healthy? While there are many possible definitions, mentally healthy people can face challenges in a positive way, recover from setbacks, create and maintain good relationships, and find meaning… CLICK HERE


 Discovering the Courage Within

Christopher Columbus needed courage. So did Lance Armstrong when he defeated cancer and captured the Tour de France in 1999. History is littered with courageous acts and courageous people… CLICK HERE

Emotional Intelligence: More Important Than IQ?

Are you able to respond with the appropriate emotions in a difficult family environment? Are you empathetic with colleagues, but still able to manage stressful business situations? Are you aware of your emotions and… CLICK HERE


Emotional Maturity: Your Personal Strength

It’s Friday morning and Jane and Alice arrive at work only to hear that their supervisor needs them to work late to finish a proposal for Monday morning. This means that they will both have to cancel their evening activities… CLICK HERE


Excess Noise: Bad for Your Mind and Body

When Pat and Nancy Feeney bought a seaside flat inScotland, they were hoping for a peaceful retirement. Last year, builders began repair work on the ferry terminal opposite their home. Unfortunately, the work could… CLICK HERE


Forgiveness: It’s a Great Feeling

Sometimes forgiving the people who have hurt you is the best path to peace of mind and a way to move forward in your life. The early life of John Welshons was a series of devastating physical and… CLICK HERE


 Going on a Monastic Retreat

A monastery is a home for people (commonly called monks) who have made a commitment to a religious way of life. Monks, in general, live simply and follow a daily schedule that may include time set aside for prayer… CLICK HERE


Guilty as Charged! Now What?

Guilty pleasures. Guilty conscience. Guilt trips. As a society, we seem to be consumed by guilt, or at least with eliminating it from our lives. A search of a major online bookseller’s website for the word “guilt” results… CLICK HERE


Health Is the Whole…Body, Mind, and Soul

You count grams of fat and fiber, eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, drink green tea, and jog four times a week. But you spend… CLICK HERE


Increase Your Social Support

Social support refers to a person’s network of relationships with other people. It can be defined in terms of… CLICK HERE


Keep Your Memory Sharp

Many factors can affect your ability to remember—a hectic lifestyle, aging, stress, chronic disease, and certain medicines. But, there are steps you can take to sharpen your mind and help preserve your memory… CLICK HERE


Leaving Loneliness Behind

Loneliness is a universal experience known to every human being on earth. Everyone is potentially susceptible to loneliness, including the rich and famous. Judy Garland once said, “If I’m such a legend… CLICK HERE


Living Vicariously Through Sports Teams: Is It Healthy?

Avid sports fans shiver through snowstorms and broil under the hot sun to cheer on their teams. Such dedication is great for the athletes, but how does it affect the people in the stands? CLICK HERE


Loving Yourself: How to Raise Your Self-esteem

Do you berate yourself for things you do or say? Are you afraid to make a mistake? Relax. Chances are you are not a bad person, and most likely, you do at least one thing well. Perhaps it is time for a self-esteem tune-up… CLICK HERE


Mental Resilience: Bouncing Back From Adversity

Nothing is more annoying than a handful of trite clichés when you are battling adversity and would really prefer a little sympathy. But these Pollyanna-like clichés point out that it is far more healthy to develop… CLICK HERE


Mental Toughness: Brain Power for Sports

It is easy to play mind games when you play sports. No matter how much you practice, you always have to contend with your greatest enemy: the mind that asks “what if?”… CLICK HERE


Never Enough: The Hoarding Mentality

Ever wonder how you managed to accumulate 13 black sweaters or 100 pairs of high heels? Incessant collecting is a metaphor for some deeper, perhaps long-standing issues… CLICK HERE


Now It’s Time to Say Goodbye: Ending Friendships

Friendships are among the most important things in life. Some people assume that the longer the duration of the friendship, the better the friend. But that’s not necessarily true.Now It’s Time to Say… CLICK HERE


Patience: It’s Worth the Wait

In today’s fast-paced culture, can patience really still be a virtue? Find out why patience is essential to a well-balanced, successful life and how you can become more patient… CLICK HERE


Physical Activity: Keep Your Mind in Shape as You Age

There are many benefits to daily exercise, including improved cardiovascular ability and increased energy levels. But, can exercise also sharpen our minds?… CLICK HERE


Self-expression: A Solution For Traumatic Times

Talk about your trauma and pain or put on a happy face? Research suggests that expressing painful thoughts and feelings may help reduce the risk of illness… CLICK HERE


Sleep: Are You Getting Enough?

Why is sleep so critical to our well-being? If resting in bed were all it took to recharge body and mind for the coming day, insomniacs could take in their favorite late night television… CLICK HERE


Solitude: Alone, But Not Lonely

Somewhere along the way, American society has lost sight of the value of solitude. Yet, getting to know your inner self through solitude is key to enriching your life and your relationships… CLICK HERE


Tease Your Brain

Give your brain a workout with these brainteasers. Scroll down for the answers… What Is Represented by These Word Puzzles?… CLICK HERE


The Horror Paradox: Why Being Scared Can Feel Good

Horror writers and producers of scary movies knows that terror sells. But why? Why do people love to be scared?… CLICK HERE


The Paradox of Perfectionism

Striving for perfection can be hard on the body and the spirit. Instead, learn to work within your limitations and remember that the people around you are only human… CLICK HERE


The Power of Personality

What makes one person rush forward, eager to experience the world, while another holds back? Personality. Unraveling the mysteries of your behavior patterns can… CLICK HERE


 True or False: We Only Use 10% of Our Brains

For centuries, psychics, clairvoyants, and other psuedo-scientific charlatans have touted their own extraordinary perceptive powers by saying that ordinary people only… CLICK HERE


 Use It or Lose It: Preventing Cognitive Decline

Changes in cognitive function, such as slow speed of information processing, are common in normal aging. However, there is considerable variation among individuals, and cognitive… CLICK HERE


What, Me Worry?

Jerri Ledford knew she worried too much. She worried about her children. She worried about traveling. She even worried about worrying. “All my life people have called me a worrywart… CLICK HERE


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