Alternative Ways to Treat ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is categorized by inattentiveness, an inability to sit still for prolonged amounts of time and impulsive behaviors…

Alternative Ways to Treat Adult Depression

Depression, also referred to as clinical depression or major depressive disorder, is a psychological disorder that causes an overwhelming feeling of despair, hopelessness and helplessness… CLICK HERE

How to Find a Chemical Dependency Treatment Program

Chemical dependency, also known as alcoholism and/or drug addiction, occurs when you seek relief from your physical, emotional or psychological distress by repeatedly abusing toxic substances that… CLICK HERE

What Drug and Alcohol Aftercare Programs Are Available?

Drugs and alcohol aftercare programs are an important part of the recovery process. There is no “cure” for drug and alcohol addictions so once you leave the program, you will probably still have… CLICK HERE

Eating Disorder Treatment Approaches

An eating disorder is a form of mental illness that can be life-threatening. If you have an eating disorder, you are obsessed with the foods that you consume and/or your weight. CLICK HERE

Accutane and Depression: Is There a Link?

For several years, there has been debate over whether Accutane (isotretinoin), a drug prescribed for serious cases of acne, could be causing depression and subsequent suicide in teenagers… CLICK HERE


Can Depression Be Treated Without Medication?

Depression is a serious condition that can affect every aspect of your life. To treat depression, doctors often recommend therapy and antidepressants. But is it possible to… CLICK HERE


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Getting Through the Pain

Pain is a normal, protective reaction to an injury or illness. It is a signal that it is time to pay attention to that area of your body and take care of a problem… CLICK HERE


Considering Counseling

In theUS, many people visit doctors for mental problems each year. And just like many physical ailments, these types of disorders are usually highly treatable… CLICK HERE


Coping With the Aftermath of Rape

Terry could not believe it had happened. It did not seem real. She trembled as she sat in the waiting room of the rape trauma center. The previous night, she… CLICK HERE


Coping With the Loss of a Limb

Some people are born with a limb difference, for others it is the result of injury or disease such as diabetes, and peripheral vascular disease (PVD). Regardless of the cause… CLICK HERE


Existential Therapy: Coping With the Human Condition

As we go about our daily lives, we often confront anxieties, difficult choices, and crises. We also search for meaning in our experiences. At certain times we might ask… CLICK HERE


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Proponents of eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) claim it is a breakthrough treatment for those plagued with traumatic memories and other psychological problems. But does it actually work?… CLICK HERE


 Faith, Prayer, and Healing

In cultures all around the world, spirituality has historically played a large and very important role in healing. In today’s science-based, technological world, these practices now… CLICK HERE


Getting Treatment for Drug Addiction

Drug addiction affects all different types of people, from kids in high school to professionals in high-paying, corporate jobs. Being addicted can destroy families, friendships, and careers… CLICK HERE


Group Therapy: Can It Help You?

Although many people cannot imagine sharing their problems with a group, group therapy is a way for individuals to work on their problems in a protected and confidential atmosphere… CLICK HERE


Having Trouble Catching Those Z’s?

If you have spent a sleepless night, you know it can be debilitating. Most people get less sleep per night than is necessary to stay healthy and alert. But, you can get help catching thos… CLICK HERE


How to Choose a Therapist or Counselor

Perhaps you have a chronic or difficult problem, or maybe you feel depressed or sad. Before you jump into therapy, there are important issues that you need to consider… CLICK HERE


Hypnosis: Does It Work?

The word hypnosis conjures up visions of mind control, past life regression, entertainment, even habit control. But, what really is hypnosis? According to the American Society of… CLICK HERE


 Journal Writing: A Prescription for Good Health

When your body is sick or injured, you probably seek medical attention and follow a regimen of prescriptions, rest, and even physical therapy… CLICK HERE


Laugh Three Times and Call Me in the Morning

Can laughter really help us heal? Anecdotal evidence and some studies seem to point in that direction. Scientists are still investigating. But why wait for them to figure it out? Just yuck it up… CLICK HERE


Magnet Therapy: Real Therapy or Wishful Thinking?

Magnetic knee, shoulder, and ankle pads, as well as insoles and mattress pads, are widely available and are touted as providing healing benefits… CLICK HERE


Marriage and Family Therapy

Think about the last time you felt angry, sad, or blissful. Chances are, your mental state had something to do with an interaction with another person—a sister, a boyfriend, a co-worker, a parent… CLICK HERE


Mental Health Practitioners: Who’s Who?

If you or a loved one needs mental health services, it can be a challenge to choose which practitioner would be the best choice. While your doctor can provide a referral… CLICK HERE


Mental Health Services: An Overview

Mental health disorders, which profoundly disrupt a person’s thinking, feeling, moods, ability to relate to others, and capacity for coping with the demands of life, are common throughout the world… CLICK HERE


Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Mental Health

You have probably heard reports that omega-3 fatty acids may offer cardiovascular benefits, especially for people with high triglyceride levels. But can they affect mental health conditions?… CLICK HERE


Pastoral Counseling: Integrating Spirituality and Psychotherapy

At any time, we can face uncertainties and experiences that threaten our emotional and spiritual well-being. Caught off-guard by the numerous crises and transitions that accompany life, we may not… CLICK HERE


Psychodynamic Therapy: Exploring the Unconscious Mind

Psychodynamic therapy is a type of talk therapy that helps patients bring their unconscious (hidden) feelings to the surface. This form of therapy can help patients understand and eventually manage… CLICK HERE


Running Scared: It Won’t Stop Your Nightmares

“I’ve been having the same dream as long as I can remember. I’m walking down a busy city street at midday. All of a sudden, the sun disappears and I’m all alone. I can’t see anyone, but I know someone’s… CLICK HERE


Spirituality and Healing

The use of prayer and other spiritual practices to improve health dates back thousands of years. The incorporation of spirituality into ancient medicine seems not to be simply because of the lack of diagnostic… CLICK HERE


Support Groups: How Do They Help?

Whether you are dealing with a chronic illness, emotional problem, life transition, or want to enhance your health and well-being, your community may have a group where you can come together… CLICK HERE


Understanding Biofeedback

Related Media: Stress – Healthy Coping Methods. Imagine having hands so sensitive to cold that each winter they would swell and split open, so that just grabbing a carton of milk out of the refrigerator makes… CLICK HERE


Unique Concerns When Grieving for a Sudden Loss

“There are always two parties to a death,” famed British historian Arnold Toynbee said, “the person who dies and the survivors who are bereaved…and in the apportionment of suffering, the survivor takes the brunt… CLICK HERE


Virtual Reality Therapy: Another Way to Fight Fear and Control Pain

Bernadette kept her hands folded on her lap as she rode the glass elevator up the 50-story building. She stopped at the eighth floor and looked down. So far, so good. The elevator wasn’t real, but Bernadette’s fear of heights was… CLICK HERE


What Leads to Criminal Behavior?

According to criminology professor Larry Siegal from theUniversityofMassachusetts, “If you chose ten kids at random, it would not be difficult to pick the ones who are at risk of becoming criminals. It is not magic… CLICK HERE


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