How do Psychosis and Addiction Relate?

These days people use the word psychotic or psychosis as if it is some form of catch phrase. Unfortunately, it isn’t just a word or a name; it is a very serious condition that causes permanent damage to your mental health, relationships, and physical wellbeing.

Addiction and psychosis are very closely related. Psychosis can cause addiction and addiction can cause psychosis. It is an intricate relationship between two disorders.

Psychosis Defined

According to the National Institute on Mental Health, psychosis is defined by a break in the mind or a break from reality. People suffering a psychotic break often believe, see, and feel things that are not real. They can no long distinguish what is and is not real.

Addiction and Short Term Drug Induced Psychosis

There are many addictions that cause short term drug induced psychosis. This is a psychotic break brought on by drug addiction that although intense, only lasts a few hours or until you come down off the drug. Some drugs that cause psychotic breaks are:

Psychosis and Addiction

Hallucinogens can cause short term drug induced psychosis.

  • alcohol and alcohol withdrawal
  • some forms of cannabis
  • synthetic cannabis
  • hypnotics
  • sedatives
  • benzodiazepines particularly during withdrawal
  • hallucinogens
  • dissociative
  • stimulants, particularly ADHD medications

All of these drugs may cause a short term psychotic break from reality. Sometimes it this is the intention of the drug user other times it is a very frightening side effect of the addiction. If you know someone who is suffering from drug induced psychosis, they need treatment now. To find a treatment center that can help call 888-647-0051 (Who Answers?) .

Addiction and Long Term Drug Induced Psychosis

There are two main types of long term drug induced psychosis. Each one is brought on by a different class of drugs.

The first is hallucinogenic persisting perception disorder. According to the National Library of Medicine, even after 50 years not a whole lot is known about this disorder. Several studies were completed, but they do not comply with the current criteria for a scientific evaluation.

What is known is that it involves persistent hallucinations that can last for weeks, months, or years after the last ingestion of the drug. This disorder may be permanent. Unfortunately, there seems to be no trigger for it other than taking the drug.

The other type of long term drug induced psychosis may be caused by any drug but is usually alcohol related. This is dementia. Alcohol induced dementia is due to long term alcohol addiction. There are also forms of this dementia due to:

  • amphetamines
  • cocaine
  • methamphetamine
  • dissociative
  • hallucinogens
  • mixed drugs
  • club drugs
  • synthetic cannabinoids

Fortunately, seeking treatment early and ending the addiction can help you avoid some of these long term conditions.

Treatment for Both Psychosis and Addiction

There are treatment centers that specialize in dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders such as drug addiction and psychosis. These treatment centers focus on both diseases rather than just the addiction. To find a treatment center that can handle both psychosis and addiction call 888-647-0051 (Who Answers?) .


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